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Friday, December 14th 2007

19:42 (3840 days, 1h, 9min ago)

Secret Elves

  • Name: Andi Grant
  • Hometown: Marine Wife



 I want to tell you about some very special people who have been doing some very special things for our organization.  They spend countless hours each week (sometimes up to the wee hours of the morning) volunteering to make sure we accomplish our mission.  Most of them help out "behind the scenes" when the rest of the world is busy doing their daily activities.

In Connecticut and Massachusetts, some of these elves go by the names of "Lydia", "Donna" ,"Susan", "John", "Elinor", "Jim", "Beth", "Carol", "Phyllis", "Lara", "Jeannette", "Dana", "Kristy", "Shelley", "Christine", "Rose Marie", "Joe" , "Linda", "Carrie", "James" and others ... like "Bob S. and Pat S." and "Angie"!

In North Carolina, the elves are led by "Barb" "Catherine", "Diane", "Brenda Sue", "Brenda", "Maureen", and many others ... 

In Texas, Elf "Rick" and Elf "Dawn" are packing away boxes for the troops with their fellow elves.

In Colorado, Elf "Christine" is busier than ever getting boxes out with her helpers. 

And in Washington, Elves "Pete", "Carol", "Judy", "Deane", "Carleen" and "Bob" are working away in their workshop - all for our troops. 

These elves are so precious to G2TT for all they do to help us give back to the troops.  And the troops along with me, so greatly appreciate all they do!  


God Bless!


Posted by Sgt James A. (in Iraq):

I think your main "founder" elf is a beautiful angel. Does she have any sisters? ;)
Friday, December 14th 2007 @ 21:44 (3839 days, 23h, 7min ago)

Posted by Carol Kana:

Andi is an amazing woman. Since I don't have a sister, can I adopt her. The elves at the Connecticut Branch are like a big family. We loving helping the troops and hope that the boxes we send show the love we have for the troops.
Saturday, December 15th 2007 @ 18:46 (3839 days, 2h, 5min ago)

Posted by Jeannette Manchester:

And where would those elves be without their auspicious leader? Nah, not the fat guy with the white beard - I'm talking about the dragonlady who knows how to light a fire under those elven butts to keep us in line and in order! Oh, hi Andi, you know I meant that in the NICEST way - I was talking about the pure and wondrous fire of love; yeah, that's it... Seriously, without Andi, there would be no Give2TheTroops, and we elves would not have this wonderful opportunity to volunteer and to show our troops how much we love and honor them. So, thank you troops, and thank you Andi - we love you!
Sunday, December 16th 2007 @ 13:32 (3838 days, 7h, 19min ago)

Posted by Angie K.:

Thanks for taking the reign and leading the pack, Andi! We couldn't do it without you. I love everyone at G2TT and would like to thank everyone for all the great times I've had there, thus far. I look forward to many more. Happy Holidays to all!:)
Sunday, December 16th 2007 @ 23:13 (3837 days, 21h, 38min ago)

Posted by Rick, the Texas Size Elf:

I'm only adding to the previous comments from Carol, Jeannette and Angie...but when it comes to someone as extraordinary as Andi Grant, you can NEVER give her enough credit. Goodness knows, SHE will never take any...nor does she expect any...this is a true labor of love for her, and all of us who work with her can't help but follow her lead. It's also very important to stop and give proper recognition to our other founder, Marine Sgt. Brian Grant. Once again, Brian is on his way to Iraq to serve his country. Our love, admiration, support and prayers go with him. Simply put, we may all be elves but to me, Andi and Brian are Saints. Thank you both for making this the most wonderful Christmas I've ever experienced. Blessings and Happy Holidays to you both! Rick Collins
Monday, December 17th 2007 @ 12:33 (3837 days, 8h, 18min ago)

Posted by Deane:

Thanks, Andi and right back to you! I am surrounded at G2TT by such selfless individuals who work at an amazing pace and sacrifice so much. So, it makes sense that the founder, Andi is just this; she thinks of others before herself which is how it seems G2TT started! I am proud to be a part G2TT. Andi and the volunteers give for the sake of giving with no expectations in return. Now, that is what the holidays are all about! Happy Holidays!:)
Sunday, December 23rd 2007 @ 0:19 (3831 days, 20h, 32min ago)

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