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Sunday, May 11th 2008

21:04 (3691 days, 0h, 47min ago)


  • Name: Andi Grant
  • Hometown: G2TT Headquarters
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Hello again and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Something to keep in the back of your mind ...

In Connecticut, we held two packing parties this weekend.  I was so pooped from Friday's party that I couldn't attend the one on Saturday.  Our awesome volunteers took over for me and for that I am so appreciative. Sometimes we all need a break ... THANK YOU LYDIA, DONNA, BETH, CAROL, JIM, SUSAN, JOHN, JASON and others who attended and packed boxes for 4 or 5 hours.

At Friday's packing party, COMCAST CABLE came to volunteer for their "Day of Caring".  They were terrific and brought us donations, too.

I mentioned to their group that Mothers Day was this weekend. And I told them how this affects our deployed troops ...

First, some of our female troops who are in combat zones are MOTHERS and they left their children behind to serve our country.  Often their children are very young.  I am a mother, and I feel this is incredibly selfless of these troops - I know I would have a terrible time if I had to leave my son for a year or longer.

Second, I spoke to them about the troops who have WIVES back at home who are Mothers. Those of us wives left behind must celebrate the day alone with our children unless we have family nearby.  Thankfully, my mother came up for the weekend.  I know our deployed husbands feel bad that they can't be home to show their wives their love and appreciation.  Somehow my husband was able to send me flowers from Iraq.  Considering they don't have a reliable internet or phone service (and knowing my husband is so busy with his Mission), I was not expecting them. My heart goes out to those wives who did not have the opportunity to hear from their deployed husbands today.

Third, to all the MOTHERS and GRANDMOTHERS out there with deployed sons and daughters - I know that today was especially hard on you. I hope your children/grandchildren were able to get a call home to you.

And lastly - My heart goes out to those families who lost a loved one in this war.  I know every holiday will be a reminder of the ones you miss and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Folks ... FATHERS DAY is just around the corner. We are already sending blank cards to our troops so they can send them home to their fathers, husbands and grandfathers.

Please remember that our troops are deployed all year round. Our troops miss family and friends' birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, children's school recitals, graduations, births of their children, and other important events that so many back here in the USA take for granted.

I never forget.  This is the second Mothers Day that Brian has been deployed.  He will not be here for our wedding anniversary (again). He missed my birthday (again) and will miss our son's birthday (again).

There are families out there who are going through a 3rd and even 4th deployment - I actually consider myself lucky. 

PLEASE don't forget about our troops in combat. I hear from so many of them.  They miss home so much. Every item, letter and card we send them brings them a little piece of home.

Thank you.


IT1 SW Sandy Edgley (US NAVY) single parent was deployed more than once while her young son was at home with a relative.

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