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Thursday, January 1st 2009

11:10 (3210 days, 15h, 20min ago)


  • Name: Andi Grant
  • Hometown: G2TT President & Founder
  • Anything you want to add: Happy New Year!

Well, it's a new year, filled with hope for positive changes in our country and the world. 

We surpassed many of our goals from last year and managed to send out more than 5,000 enormous care packages to our deployed troops in 2008. We were so busy, in fact, that I had little time to write in this blog.

Which reminds me ... would anyone like to write and manage our BLOGS? There's GOT to be someone out there who's better at this than I am!

I'd like to re-cap some of our 2008 Events, Highlights and Achievements.  However, much of the year was a blur to me. 

In January, my husband's unit arrived in Iraq. They were at a Combat Outpost living in pretty bad conditions.  While they didn't have internet, they were able to occasionally use a satellite phone to call home.  This time around, his deployment was much harder on me and it was hard for me to focus. Thankfully, he returned home safely to us again this past September.

So instead of listing out the events month by month - branch by branch, I will show you an assortment of photos of our volunteers, our programs & events and some of the troops, canines and local children who received our gifts.

There are THOUSANDS more photos in our photo albums and on our web site's "LETTERS FROM OUR TROOPS" page, which I encourage you to read.

Our Donors and Volunteers ranged from Police Departments, Senior Citizen Centers, State Agencies, Churches & Synagogues, Schools & Universities, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, Motorcycle Clubs, Fraternities, Book Stores, Small & Big Companies, military organizations, Active Duty & Reserve members of our U.S. Military to Rotary Clubs and the thousands of wonderful individuals. 

We were in the local and national newspapers, on the radio and on television ... including CNN.

It's impossible to describe the year, so here are just a few visuals to help you measure our success. For those of you who donated to us or volunteered your time, words alone cannot express our deepest gratitude and thanks. Please know we appreciate all you do for our organization and the troops! Thank you for being a part of our "family"!

Here's a snapshot of our year 2008 in photos.  Enjoy!




Posted by Carol Kana:

What a wonderful way to reflect on the accomplishments of G2TT during 2008. We made a lot of people happy. Both troops and volunteers. Let's continue to support the troops and let them know that we care.
Thursday, January 1st 2009 @ 16:44 (3210 days, 9h, 46min ago)

Posted by Tabatha:

I would love to help with anything you need, blogging or whatever. please let me know what I can do to help support your support lol. Thank you for all you do
Wednesday, November 11th 2009 @ 18:17 (2896 days, 8h, 13min ago)

Posted by Laura Stokes:

nice blog - job well done!!!
Saturday, February 20th 2010 @ 0:18 (2796 days, 2h, 12min ago)

Posted by Jessy Charlson:

wow, this looks like really huge event, great pictures
Friday, June 25th 2010 @ 8:44 (2670 days, 18h, 47min ago)

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