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G2TT Profile

Give2TheTroops® is a NONPARTISAN, NON-POLITICAL, PATRIOTIC organization aimed at supporting U.S. deployed and wounded troops in harm's way. We are managed by patriotic volunteers who ensure that deployed U.S. military members in all branches of service are supported with letters and care packages.

Give2TheTroops® was founded by a U.S. Marine wife in December of 2002 when her husband was deployed for a year with Operation Iraqi Freedom. The organization grew rapidly as more people wanted to show their support for our troops.

We now have branches located in: many states.

We are incorporated and certified as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-political, non-partison organization.

Our Mission Statement: To support the physical, moral, and spiritual health of America's armed forces in combat zones around the world through the letters and packages prepared and shipped by caring volunteers.™

Our Motto is: "Give Back to Those Who Give All."™

Name: Give2TheTroops <info@give2thetroops.org>

Age: 19 Years Old (12/1/2002)
Location: United States